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Transmission fluid leaks can often be a pain to track down. If you have a leaky transmission, The Auto Clinic in El Paso, TX has some information for you on what you can expect. We’ve repaired countless leaky transmissions, and now we’re here to share some of our knowledge with you.


Road trips are a lot of fun, and often unpredictable. For all the miles you will be driving we always recommend preparing for any situation. With this checklist from The Auto Clinic in El Paso, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Car clutch

At The Auto Clinic in El Paso, TX, we’ve witnessed our fair share of burnt out and broken clutches. While clutch failure is an inevitability, there are a variety of ways to make sure yours lasts as long as possible.


At The Auto Clinic in El Paso, routine maintenance and repair isn’t the only thing we do. For custom parts installation, you can also count on us. Common modification enthusiasts do is swapping to a short-throw shifter; but what actually is a short-throw shifter, and what does it do?

deployed airbag in car

Did you know that airbags weren't mandatory safety equipment in passenger vehicles until 1997? Now, you'll find them in well over 100 million cars and trucks on the road. Since their invention, airbags, along with the seat belt, have played a major role in reducing the number of injuries and deaths in traffic collisions.

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Whether you drive a Chevy, Ram, or Ford diesel pickup, your truck is a quality engineered machine. At The Auto Clinic in El Paso, TX, we honor that quality - not only in our service, but in the parts, we provide as well.

Lisa Taylor
Customer Review
While I had used The Auto Clinic before for small things like inspections, oil changes etc., on this particular occasion, I brought my truck into Kody for a significant repair to my truck after some knuckleheads tried to play mechanic and destroyed one of the heads. Kody and his team worked diligently to get the job completed and within a reasonable budget. As a single female, that knows very little about vehicle repairs, Kody took the time to explain everything as progress (and a small setback) was being made. He was very courteous, polite and respectful as well and didn't give me the standard "little lady" machismo attitude that I usually get from other auto mechanics. Ladies (or gents), if you need your vehicle worked on and don't want to worry about getting hussled, I couldn't recommend Kody and The Auto Clinic highly enough!
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Good steering is an underrated, and often neglected aspect of driving. At The Auto Clinic in El Paso, TX, we believe in making sure you have the best vehicle possible, whether you’re driving across town or traveling long distance.

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